How Long Does $1 Million Last After Retirement?

If you were to retire at age 65 with a million dollars, it would last you for the rest of your life and well into your nineties. However, you may have to pay higher healthcare costs if you’re in poor health. That’s why it is important to set aside a portion of your retirement income for healthcare expenses.


If you are a millionaire, you probably want to know how long your money will last after you retire. While you have earned it and are presently living a luxurious lifestyle, you should be prepared to adjust your lifestyle and budget to keep your nest egg healthy for the rest of your life. You should consider diversifying your portfolio and using index funds to protect your money. Some retirees follow the 4% rule. It means that they withdraw $40,000 in their first year, $40,000 the second, and so on. Using this formula will help you to stay ahead of inflation.

According to US News, the average cost of living for retirees is about $50,000 a year. So, if you had one million dollars in retirement, it would last you about 20 years at this rate. Several factors contribute to this number, though, such as where you live. If you live in a low-cost area, the money may last you longer.

Social Security

Social Security is a program that was created to provide retirement income to the elderly. This program pays an average of $1,614 per month in benefits in 2022. This amount is reduced slightly for disabled workers or aged widows. The benefit replaces 37 percent of a retiree’s past earnings at age 65. However, the amount of Social Security benefits decreases as the full retirement age increases from 65 to 67.

Social Security benefits are based on your earnings for the last 35 years. However, you can still work after you turn 65 to continue receiving benefits. You will also earn more if you continue working. In addition, you will be able to replace an earlier year that you had lower or no earnings.

Roth accounts

If you’re thinking about retiring, one question that may come to mind is, “How long does $1 million last after retirement in a Roth account?” The answer to that question depends largely on the type of account and the amount of money you withdraw each year. For instance, if you keep your money in a savings account with a 0.01% interest rate, it will take a hundred years for the money to double in value. But if you invest it in a stock with a 12% dividend rate, your money will double in six years.

A Roth IRA allows you to make contributions with after-tax dollars and then withdraw them tax-free when you retire. This type of account is beneficial for those who anticipate paying higher taxes in retirement.

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