The Best Uranium Stocks for 2022

When it comes to uranium stocks, you have a few options. You can buy Cameco, Uranium Royalty Corp., or NextGen Energy Resources, and enjoy the benefits of these powerful companies while still being exposed to a moderate amount of risk. The companies mentioned below have good future prospects, but are a bit riskier than BHP shares.

Uranium Royalty Corp.

Uranium Royalty Corp. is a Canadian company that focuses on developing and acquiring uranium-related royalties and interests. It invests in companies with direct exposure to uranium and evaluates transactions by classifying them according to their stage of development and exploration. The company currently has a stake in the Lance project, which is located on the north-east flank of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. The project has a total area of 38,416 acres and contains uranium-related mineral rights.

The Company also holds a strategic investment in Yellow Cake plc. This investment gives the company exposure to Yellow Cake’s physical uranium and gives it an option to acquire the company’s shares in the future. In addition, it provides for a future collaboration between the two companies.

NextGen Energy Resources

As the price of uranium continues to climb, it is likely that investors will flock to the stocks of companies in the nuclear sector. These companies are a good choice for investors who want to reap substantial growth potential. This sector has long been controversial, but there are many benefits to investing in it. Although some of the biggest names in the sector have faced serious setbacks, there are plenty of opportunities in the industry as well.

NexGen Energy Resources is a Canadian company that is focused on being the world’s largest low-cost uranium producer. It also incorporates the highest standards of social and environmental governance into its business. As the second-largest producer of uranium in the world, NexGen is a great long-term play for investors seeking a steady income. NexGen Energy Resources is currently trading at around C$5.04 per share and has a market capitalization of $2.3 billion.

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