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China became the world’s largest gold producer last year, helped by Canadian- and Australian-led projects that aim to add millions in ounces to the world gold supply

The ranking pushes South Africa into second place, the first time the gold giant has lost its top ranking since 1905, GFMS said. South Africa, whose late 19th century gold rush led to the founding of mining heavyweight Anglo American Plc(UK:AAL 2,750, -26.50, -0.96%) and is home to global producers Gold Fields Ltd.(GFI 13.26, -0.13, -0.97%) (ZA:GFI 9,980, +130.00, +1.32%) and AngloGold Ashanti Ltd.(AU 40.98, +0.17, +0.42%) (ZA:ANG 30,960, -45.00, -0.15%), saw its production decline 8% to 272 metric tons.

China produced 276 metric tons of gold last year, equal to about 9.7 million ounces, said London precious metals consultancy GFMS Ltd. in a report released Thursday. That’s up 12% from the year-ago and represented just over one-tenth of the world’s supply.

2009 comprehensive list of emerging junior gold producers

1. Alexis Minerals Corp. (TSX:AMC; OTC:AXSMF)
2. Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd. (OTC:ALIAF)
3. Apollo Gold Corp. (TSX:ATG: AMEX:AGT)
4. Atna Resources Ltd. (TSX:ATN; OTC:ATNAF)
5. ATW Venture Corp. (TSX:ATW: OTC:ATWVF)
6. Aurizon (TSX:ARZ; AMEX:AZK)
7. Axmin Inc. (TSX:AXM; OTC:AXMIF)
8. CGA Mining Ltd. (TSX:CGA; OTC:CGAFF)
9. Capital Gold (TSX:CGC; OTC:CGLD)
10. Castle Gold (TSX:CSG; OTC:CSGLF)
11.Centamin Egypt, Ltd. (TSX:CEE; OTC:CELTF)
12.Crystallex International Corp.(TSX:KRY; AMEX:KRY)
13.Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc. (TSX:DMM; OTC:DMMIF)
14.European Goldfields Ltd.(TSX:EGU)
15.Gabriel Resources Ltd. (TSX:GBU; OTC:GBRRF)
16.Jaguar Mining, Inc. (TSX:JAG; NYSE:JAG)
17.Gold Reserve Inc. (TSX:GRZ; AMEX:GRZ)
18.Gold-Ore Resources Ltd. (TSX:GOZ; OTC:GREXF)
19.Gold Resource Corp.(OTC: GORO)
20.Golden Queen Mining Comp. (TSX:GQM; OTC:GQMNF)
21.Great Basin Gold Ltd. (TSX:GBG; AMEX:GBG)
22.Hawthorne Gold (TSX:HGC; OTC:HWTHF)
23.International Minerals Corp. (TSX:IMZ; OTC:IMZLF)
24.Jinshan Gold Mines Inc. (TSX:JIN; OTC:JINFF)
25.Kinbauri Gold (TSX:KNB; OTC:KINBF)
26.Lake Shore Gold Corp. (TSX:LSG; OTC:LSGGF)
27.La Mancha Res. (TSX:LMA; OTC :LACHF)
28.Luna Gold (TSX:LGC : OTC:LGCU)
29.Metanor Res. Inc. (TSX:MTO; OTC:MEAOF)
30.Minco Gold (TSX:MMM: AMEX:MGH)
31.Minefinders Corp. Ltd. (TSX:MFL; AMEX:MFN)
32.Moto Goldmines Ltd. (TSX:MGL; OTC:MTOGF)
33.Nevsun Resources Ltd. (TSX:NSU; AMEX:NSU)
34.New Guinea Gold (TSX: NGG: OTC:NGUGF)
35.NovaGold Resources Inc. (TSX:NG; AMEX:NG)
36.Oceanagold Corp. (TSX:OGC; OTC:OGDCF)
37.Orezone Resources Inc. (TSX:OZN; AMEX:OZN)
38.Orsu Metals, Corp.(TSX:OSU; OTC:OSUMF)
39.Pacific Rim Mining Corp. (TSX:PMU; AMEX:PMU)
40.Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. (TSX:PTQ; OTC:PTQMF)
41.Ramelius Resources Ltd. (OTC:RMLRF)
42.Rusoro Mining Ltd (TSX:RML; OTC:RMLFF)
43.Richmont Mines Inc. (TSX:RIC; AMEX:RIC)
44.San Gold Resources Corp. (TSX:SGR; OTC:SGRCF)
45.Starcore International (TSX:SAM: OTC:SHVLF))
46.Tara Gold (OTC:TRGD)
47.Timmins Gold Corp. (TSX:TMM; OTC:TMGOF)
48.Troy Resources (TSX:TRY; OTC:TRYRF)
49.Vista Gold (TSX:VGZ; AMEX:VGZ)
50.Western Goldfields (TSX:WGI; AMEX:WGW)

Global  Gold producing Countries

Historically goldmines are poor in precious yellow metal despite all the difficulties the world production of gold was able to grow. It was multiplied by 4 in one century. However, since 2001 the world production of gold seems to have peaked. Gold production still has declined by 50 tonnes in 2008, despite a price of gold record ounce to 872 dollars. This year, the hierarchy of gold producing countries has been further upset by the leadership of China and the decline in gold production of South Africa. After one century reign over the world gold production, South Africa loses again its title.

Vancouver-based Jinshan Gold Mines Inc. (CA:JIN 3.07, -0.09, -2.85%) started production in July at its Chang Shan Hao gold mine in China’s northern province of Inner Mongolia, reaching 19,000 ounces of gold by December 18. The mine is designed to produce about 120,000 ounces of gold per year, making it one of the country’s largest producers, Jinshan says.

Gold Fields and Australia’s Sino Gold Mining Ltd. (AU:SGX 8.08, -0.33, -3.92%), meanwhile, have set up a joint venture focused on discovering large gold deposits in China with the potential to produce about 500,000 ounces a year. Sino Gold has been buying stakes in Chinese gold deposits and explorers. In May it started production at its Jinfeng mine in southern China, with planned gold production of 180,000 ounces per year.

The USA is third with a production of 230 tonnes of gold. The state of Nevada is 78% of total gold production in the USA with 175 tonnes of gold. This first gold producer in the USA alone totaled half the gold production in the USA in its nine goldmines. Gold production in the USA declined by -3% compared to 2007 and -31% since 2001. Gold production decline in the U.S. continuously since 1998.
Australia is the fourth largest gold producer in the world with 225 tonnes of gold. The Australian gold production decline of -9% over 2007 and -27% since 2001. The Australian gold production declining steadily since its peak in 1998

Canada. It is The country of mining, not only for these abundant resources but also because half the mines in the world are publicly traded in Canada. It is important to clarify that the country has geologists and mining engineers among the best in the world. Despite this, gold production fell by -43% in Canada since 1991, -30% compared to 2001 and -1% compared to 2007. Canada produced 100 tonnes of gold last year. The goldmines of Ontario have produced 50 tons of gold, in Quebec 28 tonnes of gold. Gold production in these two provinces account for more than three quarters of gold production in Canada.
Indonesia is also a significant gold producer with 90 tonnes of gold produced in 2008, down -24% compared to 2007 and -31% compared to 2001.
Consider the first 8 gold producers in the world, 7 of them are below their level of gold production record. These countries have seen their gold production fall by -14.3% since 2001, their production fall faster than the total gold world production. These eight countries produce 2 / 3 of the gold in the world, that’s the problem

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