What Should I Do 2 Years Before Retirement?

The average inflation rate in the U.S. over the last century was 3.22%, so you’ll need to factor that into your retirement savings plan. It’s also important to consider day-to-day expenses, such as childcare costs. Eventually, these expenses will no longer be an issue. In the meantime, you can start investing in target-date mutual funds.

Keeping your legal affairs in order

Preparing for your retirement should include keeping your legal affairs in order. The process of naming an executor, writing a will, and naming a trust can all help you plan for your future. While state laws vary, many documents are similar. Wills allow you to name who will receive your property when you die, while trusts allow you to name beneficiaries.

Refinancing your mortgage while you’re still employed

Refinancing your mortgage while you are still employed can lower your monthly payment and give you access to home equity. However, if you’re self-employed, refinancing may be more difficult. You’ll have to provide more documentation, which is why it’s important to learn the requirements before refinancing.

Educating yourself about Medicare’s four parts

When it comes to Medicare, it is important to understand the four different parts and how they work. Understanding the differences will help you make the best choice for your retirement and ensure that you have the best coverage at the lowest cost.

Investing in target-date mutual funds

Investing in target-date mutual funds can be a great way to start your retirement savings, but there are a few factors to consider before investing in them. The first is whether target-date funds are right for you. Because they automatically change the investment mix of your portfolio, they may not be suitable for your situation. Secondly, target-date funds often have high fees, which can reduce your investment returns. Even just 1% annual fees can erode the value of your portfolio over time.

Getting out of debt

Getting out of debt can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. By changing your spending habits and making adjustments to your budget, you can pay off debt more quickly. The snowball method is one method that helps many people eliminate debt faster. It involves putting money aside every month and making more than the minimum payments.

Getting ready for early retirement

If you’re planning to retire early, there are many things that you should be doing to prepare. The first step is to create a retirement budget. This is important so you don’t end up spending too much of your limited income. In your retirement budget, include anticipated expenses such as groceries, healthcare, taxes, and housing. In addition, determine which expenses are fixed and which ones are flexible. Knowing these numbers will help you determine how much you can spend each month.

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